Air Conditioner Tune Up Plano

Kool Koncepts offers air conditioning system tune ups with yearly maintenance checkups to extend the life of your current system, conserve energy and save you money…all in one visit. One of our trained technicians will examine the equipment, ascertain the systems performance level and carry out required maintenance to optimize your unit’s efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance?

A Kool Koncepts air conditioning tune up provides our clients with many benefits, including; the increase in the physical performance of your system, saving you, your clients and employees from the headaches of enduring the Texas heat, and saving your family or business up to 30% on utilities. An AC tune up from Kool Koncepts will discover any possible complications, allowing you to prevent further damage to your system which can result in significant cost for repairs or even possible replacement.

In case you still have second thoughts about your air conditioner maintenance, we have prepared a handful of the most important reasons to help you make the right choice:

Benefit #1 – You will either eliminate or significantly reduce the repair costs.

Here’s simple math. It’s better to invest a small amount of money in regular checks and maintenance work, than is to pay huge for costly and complex repairs. If you take care of the small issues on time before they escalate, you can do your AC and family budget a huge favor.hvac system Also, if you identify the problem on time and replace the small faulty parts, you can still save a lot because you won’t have to replace the entire air conditioning units that don’t come cheap.

Benefit #2 – Your air conditioner will work flawlessly and last longer.

You should be aware that regular maintenance and checks can double the expected lifespan of your air conditioning system. When the system runs at the optimal performance, then you don’t have to worry about your air conditioner letting you down when you need it the most. You would be surprised how beneficial a regular cleaning and replacement of air filters can be for your air conditioner.

Benefit #3 – Less money to pay for energy bills.

If your air conditioner is working properly then it will use the optimal power. On the contrary, the faulty parts and dirty air filters can significantly increase the power consumption of your air conditioner. At the end of the month, you can expect an unpleasant surprise. You will have to pay more for your energy bills. With the regular and affordable maintenance this unwanted scenario could have been easily avoided.

Benefit #4 – Improved air quality.

Let’s face it. What’s more important than the air quality you and your loved ones breathe in? Your home deserves a clean and fresh air. Without the maintenance, it’s only the matter of time before dirt and rust from your air conditioner influence the health of your loved ones in a harmful way. We are talking about all kinds of allergies and other serious respiratory issues. Let’s not forget the unpleasant and annoying smell that is the first sign of an air conditioner that literally cries for some cleaning and maintenance.

Benefit #5 – Ensuring the safety of your home.

All air conditioners come down to the electrical components that represent a potential danger to your home. The best way to avoid short circuits, fires, and even explosions is to regularly clean and maintain your air conditioner. The faulty parts that have been neglected for a long time can hit you back like a boomerang. They can cause the fire and jeopardize the safety of your entire home. Do you really want to put your family’s safety at stake because you didn’t want to take care of maintenance the right way and on time?
There’s really no excuse for you to postpone or avoid your obligation to maintain your air conditioner. Compared to repairs the maintenance is always considerably cheaper. Then why the AC users take their maintenance obligation for granted? Well, it’s in our nature to ask for help when we are already deep in trouble. All we have to do is to be a bit more thoughtful when it comes to the air conditioner maintenance. In return you can save a great deal of your money and time.

It goes without saying that air conditioning companies earn the most through the repairs. However, this approach doesn’t go hand-in-hand with our professional ethics. We would rather warn our clients on time and earn less with the maintenance services, then wait for a bigger problem, which will allow us to earn more. Word of mouth is priceless in our business. This is our biggest reward. Happy customers bring new customers. This is how it has been working for the Kool Koncepts all of these years.

Would you like to start saving money today? Give Kool Konceps a call  or click the service button to schedule your AC tune up today because it would be a lot cooler if you did. Together, we will come up with a maintenance plan you can afford. At the same time, we will determine and suggest the most optimal maintenance actions that will benefit your air conditioner and extend its fully operational use.

Your air conditioner is your home’s best friend during hot summer days. It asks so little in terms of maintenance and cleaning. So, don’t hesitate and postpone this simple obligation that can save you thousands of dollars. Get in touch with our maintenance team and let’s make sure that your air conditioner has been cleaned properly. Prevention has always been the best cure. The same works for your air conditioner. So, don’t wait before it becomes too expensive to fix it.

air conditioner tune up plano