Commercial HVAC Repair & Installation Plano, TX

Kool Koncepts technicians have the knowledge and ability to repair and install commercial HVAC systems for any size business in the Plano and North Dallas areas. Our expertly trained staff can quickly analyze and repair any issue, ranging from minor to complicate, that may arise with your commercial AC system. These issues, which can range from minor to complicated, will be handled promptly to ensure you, your customers and your employees never lose their cool!

To ensure your commercial air conditioning system is running at its best, Kool Koncepts also offers yearly maintenance options for your business. Our tune up plans are designed to save you money on repairs and can save your business up to 30% on your overall cost of utilities. During each tune up, a technician will analyze your AC system for efficiency and effectiveness, perform any required maintenance, and suggest any possible repairs to insure your system stays at peak performance levels so that you can rest assured that the scorching Texas heat will never cause you to reach the boiling point.

Regularly changing HVAC filters can reduce energy waste by 5-10%

Dirty filters tax your HVAC systems by restricting air flow which leads to poor indoor air quality, excess energy costs and can cause damage to your commercial HVAC system resulting in costly repairs and maintenance. For best results, check all air conditioning and heating filters quarterly and perform regular check-ups to keep your HVAC system running at optimal levels.
Changing your commercial HVAC filters is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to save your business on future repairs and maintenance, as well as helping to reduce energy waste by up to 10%.

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Save hundreds of dollars a year with a programmable thermostat

Temperature settings in a business can often be contentious. Installing programmable thermostats removes much of the burden of tailoring temperature settings to meet the desires of a diverse workforce and customer base by focusing on sustainability and reduced costs.
Installing programmable thermostats, which are available in a variety of models, can affect sustainability and energy management in a number of ways. Building temperatures can be set to run at a myriad of temperatures depending on the season, time of day and usage of indoor spaces; all of which can save your business hundreds of dollars a year.
Kool Koncepts expertly trained commercial HVAC technician can help business find the programmable thermostats that are the most efficient and cost effective models to fit all your company needs. Call us today, at 972-514-KOOL (5665) or click the service link, for more information on programmable thermostats because it would be a lot cooler if you did.

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With your comfort and safety as our number one goals, Kool Koncepts ensures that our technicians are selected thru a a series of rigorous background checks, drug tested, and are expertly trained and certified in HVAC repair and installation. So, if you encounter an AC emergency, Kool Koncepts specialist are prepared to handle your system quickly, professionally and efficiently! All of this is done to provide you and your business with exceptional customer service and top notch commercial air conditioning and heating repair and installation.

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